Accelerate Innovation


Advice to Accelerate Your Company

Optimize to Operate, Learn to Innovate: Frameworks for Acceleration

When my long-time friend Bob Bausmith asked me to join him in launching Accelerate Innovation, I was struck by the pain-point he was aiming to solve: how to help companies generate early traction at each stage of company growth so that they don’t end up one of the >80% of VC-backed startups that fail to exit, or the >80% of large enterprises whose digital transformation projects fail to accelerate growth.

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Don't Leave Change to Chance: Success Depends on Ongoing Learning

There is a need for both startups and enterprises to practice ongoing learning and quick adaptation in order to successfully bring new products or services to market. But implementing ongoing learning is hard—especially in a large organization that has comfortably been operating in optimization mode for years. Shifting to a focus on learning and discovery requires opening oneself up to totally new possibilities.

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