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Introducing Accelerate Innovation


Accelerating Time to Traction

Bringing together a team with diverse experience across industries, Accelerate Innovation works with startups and established enterprises to accelerate customer-value realization in the business-to-business space. 

With backgrounds as both founders and Fortune 100 executives, our team leverages decades of experience alongside proven practices and interventions to help bridge the chasm between agile processes and established enterprise architecture.  

From a Fortune 100 with a “3 horizon headache” to a start-up trying to partner with an enterprise giant, Accelerate Innovation’s team provides expert advice and execution support to help you overcome your next hurdle and gain traction in key stages of your company building process.  

Accelerate Innovation focuses on creating solutions in the following stages of company development: 

  • Go-to-Product 

  • Go-to-Market 

  • Go-to-Scale 


Generating Repeatable Traction: Accelerate Innovation’s Approach 

Accelerate Innovation is founded in the belief that bounding challenges within specific constraints and metrics actually frees the mind to focus on creating solutions. 

We work alongside executive teams to identify key challenges, implement targeted, minimally disruptive interventions, and establish lasting practices that can be leveraged at every stage of company growth.  

Through targeted diagnostic assessments and the implementation of impactful solutions, Accelerate Innovation’s mission is to significantly accelerate the speed at which companies in the business to business space achieve repeatable traction   

The Accelerate Innovation Engagement Model has three steps – bound, liberate, and accelerate.   

Bound – We assess and diagnose the root challenges, bounding them within clearly defined parameters and traceable metrics. What we call, “liberating constraints.”  

  • Deliverable: Scope 

Liberate – We work alongside leadership teams to implement minimum viable interventions. The aim is to establish high-impact solutions without disrupting other company functions.  

  • Deliverable: Solution 

Accelerate – By working directly with leadership teams, we instil enduring best-practices that help sustain accelerated growth.  

  • Deliverable: Traction 


Our Team of Practitioners 

With over eight decades of combined experience, the team at Accelerate Innovation utilize proven frameworks to provide functional, lasting solutions to your company’s roadblocks. 

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Bob Bausmith, Founder of Accelerate Innovation, has a passion for leadership development and company building. His diverse background as a serial entrepreneur, Fortune 100 executive, managing partner, product development engineer, sales engineer, solution architect, angel investor, and advisor to dozens of CIOs, CTOs, CEOs and Boards at companies of all sizes, allows him to provide expert advisory support to tech CEOs as they develop and bring innovative and disruptive products to market. 


Rohinee Mohindroo, Practitioner, leverages over twenty-five years of cross-functional technology leadership from enterprise technology services, digital marketing, financial services, publishing, and payroll domains to ready businesses for rapid growth and scale. A recognized change agent and strategic business partner, she thrives on building collaborative partnerships while implementing emerging technologies that solve operational challenges. 

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Dean Sperry, Practitioner, has thirty years of challenge-solving experience with a broad skill set in B2B product management, finance, and marketing. Throughout his career he has focused on exploiting new market opportunities, persistently pursuing the optimum solution for a specific market situation. Dean pulls from his experiences with a wide array of industries and situations from start-ups in the medical and legal domains to Fortune 100 Enterprises, covering communications, health plans, professional services, technology, and medical services. 


Connect with Accelerate Innovation 

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